Program Schedule


Monday - Friday:

2am: Unshackled

3am: The Gospel Hour with Oliver Green

4am: Five Minute Look At The Book - Pastor Wayne Mund

7am: Daily Bible Reading

8am: Harvest Time with Stinnet Ballew

10am: Looking Unto Jesus, Pastor Clarence Sexton

11am: The Pastor's Pulpit

2pm: The Gospel Hour with Oliver Green

4pm: Five Minute Look At The Book - Pastor Wayne Mund

5pm: Stories Of Great Christians

6pm: Daily Bible Reading

7:30pm: Gethsemane Baptist Church Live Broadcast (Wednesday Only)

9pm: Voice Of Gethsemane (Greenville) - Pastor Ron Gatlin

11pm: Stories Of Great Christians


7am: Daily Bible Reading

9am: Hymns For Life

10am: Lamplighter Theatre

12pm: Israel In The News

5pm: Unshackled

6pm: Daily Bible Reading

7pm: Hymns For Life

8pm: Lamplighter Theatre


7am: Daily Bible Reading

8am: The Gospel Trumpet

9am: The Pastor's Pulpit

11am: Gethsemane Baptist Church Live Broadcast

4pm: Hymns For Life

6pm: Gethsemane Baptist Church Live Broadcast